With society’s view of Cannabis becoming more and more normalized, here are some tips to make using cannabis safer. 

Buy it legally

While many state programs are less than perfect, buying cannabis through the legal market generally offers some advantages and protections:

  • Product is tracked throughout its lifecycle and is tested for potency and safety.
  • Labeled so the buyer knows exactly what kind of strain they are consuming.
  • If a contaminated product is discovered, there can be a recall.

Things to watch out for:

  • Safety and monitoring are by no means foolproof. 

Do not rely on dispensary employees to make medical suggestions when purchasing. A Healthcare professional should be answering these questions.

Pay attention to potency

  • Cannabis flower is more potent than it was back in the 70s. People who haven’t used cannabis recently could overconsume, assuming it is the same weed as before.
  • Start low, go slow, and stay low is good advice, especially if you’re new to (or newly back to) using cannabis. Be careful with all edibles, especially any you make yourself.

Who should not use cannabis?

  • Teens due to concerns about the effects it can have on brain development.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding due to safety concerns about its effects on a newly developing brain.
  • People with certain psychiatric conditions, such as psychosis, can worsen their condition.

Other safety tips:

  • Instead of smoking cannabis, which can inflame your lungs, use a tincture, edible, topical product, or a dry herb vaporizer.
  • If you smoke cannabis, don’t hold it in your lungs for more than a second or two; holding it in longer doesn’t give you more effectiveness; it just irritates your lungs.
  • Don’t drive for at least 4 hours after smoking cannabis. After an edible wait 8 – 12 hours before driving.
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