California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) wants to see marijuana federally legalized so that his state’s cannabis farmers can “legally supply the rest of the nation.” The governor first shared these remarks at the Oakland International Film Festival, where he was featured in the new documentary – American Pot Story: Oaksterdam.

California has the ideal climate for cultivation that could quickly help meet the demand in other states, which makes interstate marijuana commerce lucrative for California. Newsom has already taken the initial preparatory step in anticipation of eventual interstate commerce, signing a bill to let him enter into agreements with other legal states.

While waiting for federal cannabis reform, Newsom has kept busy focusing on internal state matters. California’s illicit cannabis enforcement task force has already seized and eradicated $15 million worth of illegal marijuana plants and processed flower. To repair damages from the war on drugs, Newsom has also set up grants for businesses and community reinvestments throughout the state. Last month, California officials announced that the state would award up to $20 million in marijuana tax-funded grants to universities researching cannabis science and policy.


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