Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash. California Capitol Building where Newsome signed Bill.
California Capitol. Sacramento, CA.

Negative stigma has surrounded the cannabis industry for years, with many consumers still believing the false misconceptions fueled by the war on drugs propaganda. However, these myths are slowly fading. With new studies and data being released on the positive effects of medical and recreational cannabis, consumers are getting more and more comfortable bringing the product into their everyday lives. California is looking to help reduce this negative stigma by passing pro-cannabis legislation that protects the user’s rights across the board.

Earlier this month, California Governor Newsom signed a bill protecting medical cannabis patients from healthcare discrimination.

The first part of the bill, AB 1954, prevents doctors from denying patients medication or treatment based on a positive THC test. Especially if the person is a registered medical cannabis patient in the state. On the flip side, AB 1954 also protects medical professionals from being penalized for treating patients who use medical marijuana in compliance with state law.

The second part of the bill, SB 988, is the Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act or Ryan’s Law. This legislation allows registered patients to use medical marijuana products at hospitals, effectively repealing a provision that allowed hospitals to take away patients’ cannabis medication.

The passing of this bill signals a promising future for Cannabis in California. Newsom will look at other cannabis reform proposals in the next few weeks. These include protecting workers’ rights to use cannabis after work and eliminating employment-based THC testing, with exceptions for certain positions. This is one of many steps forward for improving California Cannabis Legislation.


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