The all-new JemStonez brought to you by Jae Synth and Farms Brand.

Jae Synth and Farms Brand proudly present a new line: JemStonez.

The first Joint & Blunt-Friendly infused flower has officially made it to the market. In the past, working with distillate-infused flowers has always been messy, However, that is not the case with JemStonez. Each nug is hand selected from our top-shelf line at The Farms nurseries and infused with THCa, not distillate. It is then rolled in “Jem” keef for strength and refinement. Giving it that shine; like a gem.

With quality and a look you can taste, each JemStone will hit you as an infused flower should. We have six different JemStonez with their individual effects available at all Fams locations. 

Black Opal

Mellow out after tasting the indica-dominant Black Opal. But before you do, make sure you relish the sweet, mixed-berry flavor you get when you inhale.

Pink Pearl

This Indica-dominant hybrid won’t lock you down entirely. It’ll bring you up before it lets you down nice & easy.

Sapphire Frost

A 50/50 hybrid for that person that likes things even & balanced. The inhale on this one is similar to a ripe blueberry.


The name speaks for itself. Have a bed nearby just in case this nutty, spicy, JemStone has you locked down in the wrong spot.


Have you ever walked through an orange grove on a nice summer day in the valley? Well, this is the next best thing. 

Ruby Red

An Alarm won’t even phase you after hitting this JemStone. Expect a couch-lock experience when hitting the Ruby Red and a sweet, earthiness on the inhale.

Find the all-new JemStonez at a Farms dispensary near you! Or shop now online!

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